Two strangers, with a hobby to write and unaware of it before, were introduced to one another a few years ago by merely a coincidence, one wanted to study physics the other could help her with it. A week into being introduced and turning to be good friends, they met once, had a small little chat and what’s strange is, two years into being friends and they’ve never met in person again. It was over these years and its’ months the two acknowledged their hobbies to write. Nothing too big of writers or poets as they are. One night out of the blue decided to start together a blog and share with the world piece of their thoughts and their rookie works of writing with a hope that we become the voice of at least a few who relate to our way of thinking and even try to make a difference towards making the world a better and peaceful place to be..or..or..or…we might as well just want to get famous and are trying our luck at it. :p Hope you enjoy.

Hasta la vista



5 thoughts on “The one with short about story.

  1. It’s great to know that you people are doing something really creative. I have read what Vedant you have written earlier too, and I think you can do it brilliantly with your partner. Though i had no clue what exactly to write here but I thought to say what exactly I felt. So it feels amazing to know someone near you is doing something pole apart from others. And though I am bad it but for you wrote something just now so here it goes
    We are different people in different lane
    But my wishes for you are just the same
    Your art is a magical invisibility cape,
    With a warm creative space.
    Wish you luck!

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