One fine boy, let’s call him Aryan, was shy and studious in his ways, he wasn’t the kind to walk upto a girl and be able to pick up a conversation,any girl he ever knew or had talked to was always by HER will or coincidence.
except for one, this girl named Kamal from his class, he’d always liked this one, but was never able to talk to her, just like any casual indian lover, he kept things to himself. But just when stars turned out to be in his favor, it was december and just the time when teachers would give in group projects for the semester. Romana ma’am , their biology teacher , the one he still can’t thank enough in his brain, as if guided by the odds in his favor , made the two fall into the same list of group for the project she was assigned to.

He was happy, in his own shy ways, but still without a plan to ever make a move. The project assigned had to be done over the brief time of their winter vacations,or maybe i should say. Over the brief night before school began.Aryan the studious, too was the same at this. It was probably the stars or maybe the movie ‘JAB WE MET’ , he’d just finished watching or if i could say both. Our boy was filled with packs of positivity , more than his usual, he started to sought an excuse to start a conversation with kamal , the best he could come up with was to talk about the project.
beginning with a Hi !
And her inquiring about how he got her number, to which he replied as to how lucky he was to have his crush’s number added to the PROJECT’s group. He obviously didn’t type in the part about being lucky and how she was his crush,YET.
But it would be to everyone’s surprise, if they knew how well aryan could carry the conversation that night, making her laugh a little, he wouldn’t stop talking until they both decided, (actually he just agreed just the same to save himself from being assigned DESPERATE), how sleepy they were.
If only he could have been any less lucky, it was christmas celebrations at school the next day,and the last day at school before the winter break. Students would sit across the field in groups, listen to the carols in the background while they munched upon the feasts every one of the group would get. That marked the day when he could dare enough, man up to her and have a nice chat that day.She too to everyone’s surprise seemed interested talking to the nerd guy, probably not just surprise to the other guys of the class but probably jealousy too, for the nerd was laughing with their crush, right in front of their eyes.
The midnight chat ,soon became a daily thing, the nerd was growing courageous with every Haha he read over the chat he had with her.
Night of January 8, he told her of his feelings to her.
The message well described every detail of how he felt about her, but she was asleep by the time the message reached the other end. So he had no option other than to wait, when unable to keep in his feelings they rolled out of the pen, and ended up to her unread messages which said,
half past 5 in the morning it is,
couldn’t sleep all night for some questions unanswered remain

Until now i was unaware of what could have been the reason i collided into you.
not just to stay friends, i guess something better we can do.
The feeling began just like a spark, tossing and turning in the corners of the heart.
growing bigger and louder with each day by,
turning out to be a desire,
for when there’s desire there has to be a flame and when there’s flame someone’s bound to be burnt,
just because it burns doesen’t mean u gotta die, you could always get up and try.
and that’s what i did..gathered all the courage for to you i could confess.
Wait for the answer it’s either the beauty or a life’s mess.”

To be continued…
(I always wanted to do this :p)



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