At least once in life, i guess everyone has been through that feeling where you happen to miss everything from the past. That one time when you happen to be trying and remember all them blurred memories, when things were simpler , there were way less worries. Writing one to hundred was all the homework we had. The only time we looked into clocks was to check for the time for our favorite show on the television. All we needed the money was to buy new toys or things that tickled our tongue. Also the time when we never thought we’d miss a few people because they’ll be gone. This one’s to all those thoughts people and memories…

“She put on the radio,
Got down on her couch, held in one hand was a book, in other a cup of coffee for it was cold night out.

Crossed down on knees, i sat on the rug.
Flip through them old albums, way deep into memories every page , every picture, every moment parsing dug.

Therein i see my grandpa, bit different than how i remember, stood out our old house , infant me folded in his arms, flip side it said ‘his first December’.

Lost in thoughts, nostalgic at state.
Remembering days as a kid, flying kites, them brotherly fights. Cartoons that i miss, Dexter’s laboratory and his sis.
Competing friends at school, writing fastest of all was a boon.
If I could live them all again, bring back all that i miss,
Never will i ask for more, for there has been no greater bliss.”



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